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Esoterium Main Menu UI Demo

A close friend of mine is currently developing a story for a horror video game and asked if I could create an animated video concept for a main menu UI. [...]
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Project Sturgis – Data Specialist

Brief 🔗 Website Link A client of mine is a recent graduate in Computer Science and he asked if I could create a portfolio for him to showcase his work . [...]
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Ubimo Assets

Overview I was presented with an opportunity to join Ubimo’s team as a Digital Designer and they assigned a challenge for me. During this challenge I was given a report [...]
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Poly App Landing Page

Today’s challenge was to create a landing page. I decided to “rebrand” a previous project I did for a brand guide book, and overhaul that studio’s identity into a more [...]
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Sneaker Checkout UI

Today’s UI challenge was to design a credit card checkout form. I was envisioning a scenario where you want to buy a single product immediately instead of putting it into [...]
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Surreal App Login UI

It’s been a while since I’ve done UI designs so I’ve started to do daily UI challenges to refresh my skills and portfolio. This challenge was to create a simple [...]
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Tundra Security

One of the first UI Designs I ever created. A cybersecurity landing page. I’ve also began creating an HTML/CSS template version of the design. You can view the work-in-progress site [...]
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