Hey I’m Norris, a
Web Designer from New York City.

I am a graduate of CUNY, York College with a Bachelor of Science in Communications Technology and a Sociology minor.

Typically my client base are self project seekers or mom-and-pop businesses where I bring their vision and aspirations from a notebook and draft board, to a place on the web.

About Me

I’ve been designing for almost 8 years and I’ve gained experience through my studies as well as extensive self learning. The reason I chose sociology as a minor is because it goes hand in hand with the concept of design. It allows me to dive into the mind of the user and predict just how they would interact with a design.
My mantra is “If the method works, its time to master it.” I am constantly learning new skills and tools of the trade. I have always been creative and an abstract thinker (and day dreamer). Its this reason why I chose design as a career focus as it can be an outlet to put my creativity to great use. In my spare time I enjoy video games, manga, music, and daily design challenges.
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Norris Girdy