“Design can be art. Design can be simple. That’s why it’s so complicated.”

 – Paul Rand

My services include a wide arrange of areas such as UI/UX, Graphic, Motion Graphic, Web, Presentation, and Print design. The approach I utilizes depends on what the service (and client) calls for.

For example, research and wireframing for a UI Design or outlining and storyboarding for a graphic or presentation design. Depending on time constraints, and resources, I can start outlining a framework for the product or dive straight into the design.
Having a design process gives me guided track to solving an issue with many “stations” along the way that must consider be considered:

Research, ideation, conceptualizing, visual design, versioning, A/B Testing, user testing, feedback as well as measuring what is within my scope so that your project does not reach a dead end.
While I do have experience in a broad range of design fields, my main expertise lies with UI, Graphic, Web, Motion, and Presentation design.

Keep in mind however this is not concrete and I may take on a job in other design areas depending on the scope of the project. Below you will find an overview of my primary services.

Services Provided

Digital Design

UI Design

Designing overall design concepts for the user experience within a business webpage or product, ensuring all interactions are intuitive and easy for users.
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Web Design

Building light weight, optimized and secured websites in WordPress to cater to your goals and brand needs 
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Graphic Design

Conceptualizing  and designing various materials for print and digital collateral while ensuring projects are completed with high quality and establishing a creative direction for your brand.
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Motion Graphic Design

Animating complex graphics and content for a diverse array of media including: smartphones, tablets, the web, television, and product promotions among others.
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Presentation Design

Storyboarding visually appealing business presentations for clients to use while assessing brand style, choosing fonts, graphics, and other visual elements for the slides.
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