Ubimo Assets

durdygirdy ubimo assets intro image


I was presented with an opportunity to join Ubimo’s team as a Digital Designer and they assigned a challenge for me. During this challenge I was given a report that compared Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donut operations in Syracuse, NY along with collected data and style guides.

I was given 3 tasks to complete: Design the UI of a static webpage where this report can be displayed, design a motion graphic that will be used to promote this report on Instagram and Facebook, and finally design a social media post graphic which can be shared on Linkedin.

While one of the assets I had to produce was a motion graphic, there weren’t any specific instructions as to what format they required it to be in (i.e. gif or video with audio). So to be on the safe side I decided to create both. I specifically loved this project because it gave me a chance to try out this After Effects template I came across where it has dozens of overlay filters to create a “glitchy” or grainy type of distorted video.

Since the report given was which brand attracts more visitors, I immediately had the image of both brands in a type of “fighting” setting. So I came up with a motion graphic that presents both brands as if for a fight night.

Design by
Norris Girdy