HTML/CSS Landing Pages

One of my favorite type of designs are landing/login pages. They are really simple, yet can convey a lot. Especially since it is the first thing users will see on most websites and apps. I had a lot of fun designing these since I got to make up faux businesses and services for the design!

durdygirdy orbital login page

Orbital Strike IV

A detailed splash/login page for a fictitious sci-fi computer game. I had the most fun designing this one being that I am a video game geek!

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durdygirdy dam portal page

Dam Employee Portal Login

This is actually one part of a design challenge prompt. To create an architecture firm website with a nicely designed employee login page. The full site is still in the works and will be completed soon!

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durdygirdy reflections landing page 1

Reflections Photography

A landing page for a ‘photography agency’. The idea originally came to mind after examining the agency that handled my college graduation photos. I then thought of ways on how I would redesign their website and adding a landing page was a start.

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Norris Girdy